Cromwell – Level 1 & 2 Angelic Reiki

9th – 11th Nov 2018



Set in a gentle, caring, non judgemental, friendly and fun small real life class size, this course may be just the ticket to finish your 2018 off.

Learn new skills, change your life for the better on many areas, and make friends along the way.

Not only will you learn to give Angelic Reiki healings to yourself and others, but the highest vibration of Divine Love will be anchored into your own consciousness through a down pouring of Soul energy, giving you the power to change your reality.

If you wish to re-awaken your divine awareness, if you would like to change your life and become whole and healthy, embracing true joy, perhaps you will be drawn to Angelic Reiki.

Angelic Reiki is different to other forms of healing in that, rather than working alongside the angels (which many of you may already be doing), you actually open yourself up to become a channel of pure Angelic Healing energy….. you literally become the Angel!

In order to be able to house this energy within your own body, you will experience several cleansings and attunements over the weekend which will help you to raise your vibrational frequency and let go of anything in your life that no longer serves you.

In other forms of Reiki, attunements are conducted by the Master/Teacher at whatever level of consciousness they have achieved.

However with Angelic Reiki, Angels (not the Master/Teacher) perform the attunements at pure, divine consciousness level.

These Angelic attunements impact profoundly at molecular level, it will change your DNA, your cells and molecules and activate your lightbody.

It will enable you to be energetically initiated into the Angelic Vibration of the Divine Archetypes upon which consciousness is based. This facilitates more perfect blending of their own energy with that of the Angels.

This Workshop/Class gifts you:

– Level 1 and 2 Angelic Reiki cleanses and attunements.
– One Archangelic initiation and blessing.
– A definition and understanding of the nature of Angelic
– The principles of clearing and dedicating space,
– Six healing methods including Past Life, Self and Distant
– Guidance on treating pregnant Women, Children & Animals.
– At least four practical healing exchanges.
– Cleansing and tuning crystals.
– The laws of healing according to the Divine Hierarchy as given
by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul.
– A 60 page Practitioners Manual, Internationally recognised
– A Master Crystal to hold the Angelic Codes of

Even if you are not interested in offering Angelic Reiki as a Alternative Therapy, this course will be very beneficial in supporting your own personal healing and spiritual journey.

It may help you to open up your gifts or spiritual talents, or to reveal your life’s purpose. This course will also teach you how to call on the Angels for help in your everyday life.

All this for a amazing price $555.00 for the weekend. Payment plans are available, and all course fees must be paid in full no later than 2 weeks before course commencement.

Place Note: A deposit of $150.00 is required to confirm your commitment & placement on the course.

You will know and sense if you are committed and by thus I will be committed to you also as your Teacher.

There will be body preparations that is asked of you two weeks before commencement of the course. Further details of this will be given nearest to the time to our students.

This course is incredible, nothing that I have ever experienced before!

For any further inquiries, Course deposits, or other questions please don’t hesitate to contact:

Karyn Whitehead
Angelic Reiki Master Teacher
0220887951 or email info@thesclinic.co.nz

Looking forward to seeing you all and the transformations take place on the Course.

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