I had a Bars session with Karyn yesterday. I specifically wanted clarity on a few decisions I wanted to make. I had had a cold that wouldn’t go away for for the previous 2 weeks.

Having a Bars session was a new experience for me. I felt very comfortable and warm in Karyn’s sun drenched clinic. The time (an hour and a half) went so quickly. I relaxed and Karyn did her Bars thing.

Afterwards I went home thinking I would fall into a deep sleep but No, I had a really broken sleep – up at 3.00am quite happy, knowing I could catch up on sleep anyway. I just went through it. The next morning I woke around lunchtime – and did everything I had planed to do.

The mental clarity I feel a good 24 hours after the Bars session is really amazing. I feel a contentment that I haven’t for ages and I’ve lost thoughts of the past which is a really positive thing. I feel I can go forward at the right speed and that all in my life is really very well.

So Thank You Karyn – a very effective and creative Energy Healing session.

Joan our Bars Client - 1st Timer at giving Bars a go. 1st time client experience review of the Access Consciousness Bars Session here at The Sanctuary Clinic

Well, I should feel tired after only 6hrs broken sleep but I feel lighter, brighter and chilled….combination of the Foot Detox and the Yin Yoga done all in one avo/evening but the lighter bit has to be the detox effects so definitely will be doing another Foot Detox…its put me on a mission to drain my bod of nasties 🙂

Thanks, Karyn!

Margi Bryant

Karyn is lovely & genuinely wants to help people. She has a lot of tools in her toolbox & can cater a session for what you are in need of at the time. I personally love the Angelic Reiki


Tania Smith

I’ve had the privilege of recieving an Angelic Reiki treatment with Karyn and helped me with releasing confidence issues and limiting beliefs from my past on many levels and has given me a break to express myself more and laugh more along with her life coaching skills. As a facilitator Karyn has helped me see things with an open mind and understanding of my life and I highly recommend her gifts and knowledge she has to offer for anyone who would like mentoring and Angelic Reiki treatments
blessings Karyn


Robert Williams

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