I had a Bars session with Karyn yesterday. I specifically wanted clarity on a few decisions I wanted to make. I had had a cold that wouldn’t go away for for the previous 2 weeks.

Having a Bars session was a new experience for me. I felt very comfortable and warm in Karyn’s sun drenched clinic. The time (an hour and a half) went so quickly. I relaxed and Karyn did her Bars thing.

Afterwards I went home thinking I would fall into a deep sleep but No, I had a really broken sleep – up at 3.00am quite happy, knowing I could catch up on sleep anyway. I just went through it. The next morning I woke around lunchtime – and did everything I had planed to do.

The mental clarity I feel a good 24 hours after the Bars session is really amazing. I feel a contentment that I haven’t for ages and I’ve lost thoughts of the past which is a really positive thing. I feel I can go forward at the right speed and that all in my life is really very well.

So Thank You Karyn – a very effective and creative Energy Healing session.

Joan our Bars Client - 1st Timer at giving Bars a go. 1st time client experience review of the Access Consciousness Bars Session here at The Sanctuary Clinic

Well, I should feel tired after only 6hrs broken sleep but I feel lighter, brighter and chilled….combination of the Foot Detox and the Yin Yoga done all in one avo/evening but the lighter bit has to be the detox effects so definitely will be doing another Foot Detox…its put me on a mission to drain my bod of nasties 🙂

Thanks, Karyn!

Margi Bryant

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