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The other side of a unbalanced Throat Chakra is when we control others by our words we speak to their in Anger and will not let others have their say.

A balanced Throat Chakra allows us to speak our truth with calm expression using wisdom and unconditional love in how we deliver it.

Many children have their Throat Chakra blocked today as it is the old age belief children should be seen and not heard.

This spray is great for those who have to speak in public or wanting to really speak their truth without any fear.

Many healers use our Throat Chakra Spray and they just love it.

There are many different Throat Chakra Sprays on the market what makes ours different:

Our Throat Charka Spray has been activated under two full moons while sitting under two copper pyramids to bring in the energy of Ancient Egyptians. This has the vibration of 21 different Light Languages infused with different geometric codes and shapes.

Our Suppliers are both master Alchemists and have combined the Ancient Egyptian Plant Kingdom, the Crystaline Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom all in one spot to bring you the best of what is available on the planet today.

The Ancient Egyptians were a very spiritual race of people and much of their sacred teachings and knowledge is now being channelled back to the planet.

Egyptian Essences Oils have been used in this beautiful spray which the Ancient Egyptian High Priest and Priestesses used to initiate the Pharaohs of days gone by.

Our Throat Chakra Spray is infused with the Aether Element and the Base note of G141.27 Hz and the Blue Ray.

When working with the Throat Chakra spray you can call in The Egyptian God Thoth. Sit and listen to his message. Feel the energy of the Whale. Listen to what the Whale has to teach you.

Spray three times on the Throat Chakra we recommend that you spray it through the Auric Field and feel it gentle land into you physical body. How ever we encourage you to use it how ever YOU are drawn to after all it is all about YOU.


The 3 short sprays represent Love, Power, and Wisdom.

They are gentle enough to be used on Animals and Children when spraying animals it best to use it in their auric field.

Use in meditations or when working on clients

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