Isis Spray

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Goddess Isis Spray has been activated under a full moon while sitting under two copper pyramids to bring in the energy of Ancient Egyptians. Has the vibration of 21 different Light Languages infused with different geometric codes and shapes.

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Goddess of magic and light. Works with you and floods your entire body with divine Feminine energy
and helps with your Heart Charka.

Some of Essences used: – Agar Wood. A highly prized Essence in Egypt very rare and extremely expensive
it is used spiritually to help one connect with other lifes. Geranium has been used to help connect you to your Heart and smells amazing. Papyrus Essence is not very well known yet it was highly prized by the Egyptians for its ability to transport you to altered states. Myrrh Essence was one of the essence used in this spray helps to bring in the wisdom of the the divine Feminine aspect of oneself whether you are Male or Female and is linked to Isis.

Team up with Fuck Off Spray and Osiris Spray.

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