Fuck Off Spray

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Our Fuck Off Spray is the answer to your prayers!

Do you know anyone that annoys YOU who is negative all the time?

This amazing spray does the trick in no time. NO more strong after smell with those smudge sage sticks, smudge sprays and house clearing sprays. This spray has been designed with little scent, but with plenty of true grunt behind it!

The makers of this were determined to create the most powerful of all sprays which just gets rid of the lot – in a instantly quick lightening speed!

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Well you all have heard of clearing sprays and smudge sprays however our very talented suppliers have made the most powerful of all clearing and smudge sprays based on ancient Alchemy practices.

It clears filters, masks, clear negative energy, negative emotions like Anger and Rage, and Entities, assists to keep you grounded and deal with your shadow side of self and others.

Our suppliers are both master Alchemists have combined the plant, animal and mineral kingdom and high vibrational essences the Ancient Egyptian used including Pure Egyptian Essences of Blue Lotus Papyrus and Golden Water, and the essence oil of Anubis who is the shadow walker and is one of the most misunderstood Egyptian Gods.

Anubis represents the darkness which represents our “shadow.” Anubis guides you through the underworld of your “shadow” and gently shows you that to open your Heart you must embrace and love your “shadow” as it has helped you become who you are and helps us remove all negativity and restore calmness to self and others.

It can be diffused or sprayed like all our other sprays.

Examples of Real Use from Users:

Here is what our clients are saying,

T Kerkow “This spray is bloody amazing stuff!

K Hourigan “ I frigging love mine!!!! Use it for myself & clients. Cleanse aura really well, as well as my healing room & my crystals. I’ve used in distant healing in clients & had awesome results in removing etheric cords, both hands on & distantly!! Used in my oil burned the other day, the vibe in the house was very relaxed & stress-free. Found another use for my Anubis Spray! I usually hold my crystal pendulums over a candle flame to remove any negative energies, they usually swing in a circle clockwise then anticlockwise until they stop swinging (1min). I spray them with the Anubis spray, hold over flame & nothing!! All negative energies removed.”

K Larke ” I bloody love it! It works a treat xxx”

Try dropping a little bit into your bath water and feel the stress just melt away.

Spray before your work meeting in the Boardroom, on co-workers chairs and yours, use it before attending a Job interview. The uses are endless… Feel your workplace or anywhere in a different light!

Spray it on your children and yourself before going to work and the kids go to school to keep them and you calm and peaceful. Works awesome inside the car where and when tensions may arise.

Helps to take the fear away when stepping into new ventures and allows one to see their unlimited potential. Can be used on animals, children and adults.

We have had clients spray it in their children’s room at bedtime to help them sleep. Even before going shopping! Works like Magic anywhere any place!!

All in all it just instantly removes all that FEAR and Anxiety we hold.

Three sprays is all that is needed as often as you like, and will enhance the effect any all sprays in our current collection.

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