Galactic White Lion

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The Galactic White Lion Spray is a beautiful Feminine spray which holds 3 Galactic White Lion Feminine Codes which was gifted on the 8/8/2017.
It will take you through many different portals and dimensions.
Our Supplier is very humbled to be chosen to bring back the vibration of the the Galactic White Lions to help all of humanity.
Connects you to the energy of the White Lions and Pleiadian energy. A truly beautiful spray infused with the vibration of beautiful Egyptian Essences which have been selected to bring in the essence of Mary Magdalene.
The White Lions hold the highest Christ Vibration of any animal on the planet. When a White Lion roars it is said to be the voice of our Creator. Sadly there are very few White Lions left on the planet so this vibration now has to come through in a different way.

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Weight 125 g

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