Cosmic Oneness Spray

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Feel the Vibration of the Cosmo run through your entire body when you spray this on you or around you.

Take the time to breathe deep and sit in a space of silience.

How to use

Spray three times wherever you are guided to one for love one for wisdom and one for power We know you are going to love this as much as we do.

We just love this spray. I would have to say it is our finest to date. When you put Blue Lotus, Golden Water, Flower of Life and three different Oud oils plus four other pure Egyptian Essences as well. You expect it to be good.

We have not only done that but have combined sacred Geometry Shapes Crystalline vibration infused Pleiadian Arcturian and Sirian energies into it.

Activated it with 33 different light languages key coded each day from one full moon to the next all while sitting under a copper pyramid you really have something special.

It is one of the most highly vibrational sprays avaiable on the planet today.

Our Supplier ae both are master Alchemists and have combined their talents to bring this to humanity.

It is often used in ceremony around the World by some of the most respected people in their field.

Spraying a room before meditation and call the Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings to stand beside each person in the room.

Is awesome when combined with a drop of Golden Water and Blue Lotus

It is often bought with Isis, Osiris and Fuck Off Sprays.


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